The provision of the media and the contents business for global market

 President Message 

In recent years, the diffusion of movie streaming is grown by the media like the smart phone, so I forecast that it will pervasive more and more for global market.
I am convinced that we will receive the great benefit, if we provide the contents services corresponding to the needs, because the huge network is also the market.  
We are committed to provide many kinds of the accurate contents services for the consumer’s needs through TV station, ISP, carrier of the world against the huge market.  
In this way, to providing the contents through many distribution network will profit not only us but also the companies connected with.
I hope we will be helpful for business of the contents holder and the companies as much as possible, as a aggregator of producing and a distribution of the contents.
So, we intend to propose our various services which are broadcasting, transmission, distribution and sales.
I am glad if you accompany us and run together to the great success in the business of the media and the contents on this occasion.

Kazuyoshi Tanaka, President